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What Are Permanent Dentures?

The Aegis Dental Network reports that many denture wearers struggle with daily activities. A total of 20% are afraid to smile, and 54% fear getting something stuck in their dentures. It’s disheartening that so many people feel they must put limitations on their lives because of their teeth. But permanent dentures may be the solution […]

Teeth Replacement Options in Calgary, AB | Inglewood Family Dental

Teeth Replacement Options

Learn about the teeth replacement options available in Calgary If you ask any Calgary dentist what their goals for their patients are, they’ll likely tell you healthy gums and strong teeth. Good oral health allows them to talk, eat, and smile confidently daily. Unfortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 26% of […]

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Why Choose Our Calgary Dental Clinic?

Are you looking for a Calgary dental clinic near you? Inglewood Family Dental is proud to serve Calgary and the surrounding areas. We have earned a reputation in Calgary for providing quality dental care in a family-friendly, caring, and comfortable environment. Our dentists recognize the importance of addressing each patient’s unique needs, goals, and concerns, […]

Emergency Dental Treatment in Calgary Inglewood Family Dental

Emergency Dental Treatment in Calgary

Experiencing A Dental Emergency? At Inglewood Family Dental, we understand the need for emergency dental treatment and the importance of being able to locate and obtain urgent dental care in your time of need. If you are experiencing severe dental pain, waiting is often not an option. It is our mission to provide Calgary residents […]

Tooth Replacement Options Calgary Dentist Inglewood Family Dental

Tooth Replacement Options

Calgary Dentist Explains Tooth Replacement Options Missing a tooth or multiple teeth can be embarrassing. Not only can it hinder your confidence and self-esteem, but missing teeth can also cause an assortment of issues with your bite and contribute to tooth decay, speech issues, and a variety of oral health issues. Aside from that, it […]

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Do You Need a Tooth Pulled

Are you experiencing issues with your tooth that are making you think it needs to come out? To learn more about getting a tooth pulled, please keep reading. When you are ready to set up a consultation with our Calgary dentist, call our office as soon as possible. If this is an emergency, please do […]

we follow the 2022 alberta dental fee guide

We Follow The 2022 Alberta Dental Fee Guide

At Inglewood Family Dental, we are proud to follow the new 2022 Alberta Dental Fee Guide to help Alberta residents get the quality dental care they need at a transparent and affordable cost. We understand that many people are concerned about the cost of dental care, and unfortunately, many necessary ailments go untreated because people […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal Calgary Dentist Inglewood Family Dental

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary

Of the over seven billion people in the world, only 35% are lucky enough to be born without wisdom teeth. That means that the rest of the population needs to deal with them. The question is, do you really need to get your wisdom teeth removed/extracted by a Calgary dentist? Each one of us has […]