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Category Archives: Dentist in Calgary

Affordable Teeth Whitening

Affordable Teeth Whitening | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

When you’re trying to make a good first impression, you’re told to smile. After all, the smile shows a sense of personability and brings people into your personality. If you don’t smile, people may feel standoffish and uncomfortable. But what if your smile makes you uncomfortable? Plenty of people in the United States are self-conscious […]

Affordable Veneers

Affordable Veneers | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Affordable Veneers in Calgary Do you look in the mirror each morning and dislike the look of your smile? Do you have chipped, misshaped, or discolored teeth? If so, you may benefit from dental veneers. Dental veneers are great for people who are unhappy with the way their smile looks, as this allows them to […]

Bruxism Guards

Bruxism Guards | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Bruxism Guards in Calgary If you’ve ever woken up with a sore jaw, you know the experience of thousands of people across the world. The fancy word for teeth grinding, bruxism, is the condition where someone will clench their jaw when either asleep or awake. People can rub and grind their teeth together as well, […]

Implant Consultation

Free Implant Consultation | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Implant Consultation in Calgary Do you suffer from missing or decaying teeth? Is it becoming increasingly difficult or painful to complete daily acts like eating, drinking, and speaking because of your oral condition? Are you becoming self-conscious about the way that your teeth look? If you answered yes to the above questions, you may benefit […]

Direct Billing Dentist

Direct Billing Dentist | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Direct Billing Dentist in Calgary If you’ve ever been forced to pay for a dental bill upfront after treatment, you know that services can get expensive. When dentist costs are high, you may try to push off treatment because of a lack of money or funds. This often leads to further problems, as the longer […]

Affordable Dentures

Affordable Dentures | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Affordable Dentures in Calgary Wear and tear of the body is natural, especially as you age. This is particularly true for the mouth, as this area is constantly used daily. Your oral cavity is used for eating, drinking, speaking, and more. It’s no wonder why tooth loss is common as age progresses. Tooth loss may […]

Dental Clinic in Calgary

Dental Clinic in Calgary | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Family Dental Clinic in Calgary Your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body. If your mouth is unhealthy, you may be introducing bacteria and toxins elsewhere throughout your system. In order to ensure you remain healthy, it’s important to visit a dentist at a dental clinic every 6 months. When you […]

Affordable Dental Implants

Affordable Dental Implants | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Affordable Dental Implants in Calgary If you have missing, damaged, or decaying teeth, you may be searching for a solution to fix your smile and functionality of your teeth and mouth. Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of options for you, but one of the most common ones is by using a dental implant. […]

Broken Tooth Extraction

Broken Tooth Extraction | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Broken Tooth Extraction in Calgary The normal human adult has 32 teeth. That means you have 32 chances of having an issue with your teeth. One of the most common issues that people have with their mouths is broken teeth. A broken tooth can cause a lot of pain and lead to further damage, so […]

Affordable Braces

Affordable Braces | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Affordable Braces in Calgary Do you or a loved one look in the mirror and dislike the smile seen? This is a common occurrence, as a strong smile is thought to show a confident personality. Sometimes, if your teeth are crooked or misaligned, this can mess with the way you see yourself. If you have […]