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When to Start Taking Your Child to the Dentist

It’s a significant moment when a child gets their first tooth. New parents may document the milestone and share the news with their loved ones. When you celebrate this momentous event, you may ask your family when you should start implementing oral hygiene habits for your little one. What Age Should a Child Go to […]

Good Oral Hygiene Habits to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

A healthy mouth requires care and dedication to oral health habits. In addition to your regular dentist appointments, you should be including oral hygiene habits in your daily routine. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a vast amount of diseases and issues. Tooth decay, also referred to as dental caries, affects almost half the world’s population. […]

Dental Night Guards in Calgary

Dental Night Guards Calgary Dentist Inglewood Family Dental

Dental Night Guards in Calgary Dental night guards in Calgary aren’t typically something that you would think your Calgary dentist might recommend for you to wear. What’s more, they sound uncomfortable and don’t seem like the most desirable thing to deal with. Most people shun the idea of having to wear a dental night guard, […]

Is Gingivitis Contagious?

Is Gingivitis Contagious Calgary Dentist Inglewood Family Dental

Is Gingivitis Contagious? Our Calgary Dentist Provides Answers Gingivitis is an all too common form of periodontal disease. It’s likely that the majority of people have heard of Gingivitis. It’s also likely that many of those who have heard of it are aware that it’s a disease that causes inflammation of the gums. However, many […]

Get Rid of Bad Breath This Holiday Season with the Help of A Calgary Dentist

Bad Breath Treatment Calgary Dentist Inglewood Family Dental

As Christmas is fast approaching, you naturally want to be prepared and have everything ready for the special day. Whether it be what you’re going to wear, what gifts to give your family and friends, or plans on where and how to celebrate Christmas this year especially since we’re still pretty much in the middle […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary

Wisdom Teeth Removal Calgary Dentist Inglewood Family Dental

Of the over seven billion people in the world, only 35% are lucky enough to be born without wisdom teeth. That means that the rest of the population needs to deal with them. The question is, do you really need to get your wisdom teeth removed/extracted by a Calgary dentist? Each one of us has […]

Preventative Dentistry is Key to Healthy Teeth

Preventative Dentistry Calgary Dentist Inglewood Family Dental

When it comes to health, prevention is always better than cure. This is because there are certain diseases that cannot be treated or are hard to cure. It also takes time for a person to recover from an illness so it is definitely better to prevent something bad from happening than dealing with it after […]

What Are Calgary Dentist Dental Benefits and Why Should You Use Them Before the Year Ends

How Do Dental Insurances Work? The last thing people want is to get caught up with medical expenses that they can barely afford. Life is unexpected in a way that you don’t really get to prepare with whatever it throws at you—especially if it’s regarding your health. Nevertheless, there is a way to lessen the […]

Calgary Dentist Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Maintaining oral health is a lifetime obligation for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your teeth look whiter than others or if your teeth seem very healthy today, you must perform or practice the proper dental hygiene steps daily to keep them that way. We are not only talking about the cleanliness aspect of the teeth […]

Calgary Dentist Oral Cancer Screening Protocols

Best Calgary dentists strongly encourage visiting the dentist regularly or once every six months to have your teeth and mouth thoroughly examined and cleaned. Regular check-ups not only maintain oral health and keep it healthy but it can also help identify or detect any oral complications that the patient may be experiencing. Early diagnosis is […]